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What's At Stake ?

Hazing is against the law!  It is a violation of the California State Law Section 245.6 .  Hazing is defined, prohibited, and clear penalties are in place.  Any person who participates in the hazing of another, or knowingly permits hazing to be conducted shall be subject to prosecution and/or fines leading to imprisonment.

It is prohibited by the UCLA Student Conduct Code Section 102.12 . The University has jurisdiction over off-campus incidents as well as on-campus, and the Dean of Students Office may impose discipline for a violation or an attempt to violate any University policy or campus regulation.  The lack of intent to commit a violation is not a factor in determining if a violation has occurred.  In addition, the governing bodies of EVERY fraternity and sorority on the UCLA Campus forbid hazing.

 Possible Penalties   

Judicial Board or University Chapter/Organizational Suspension

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